Info Cards

Labradorable Designs offers business cards of all kinds. Give us the information you want on them, and we can help come up with a design, get them printed, and have them ready for you to hand out.

We also have created something we call "Info Cards". They are "calling cards"/business cards that we've designed to make an introduction or explain something that might not be easily put into words.

Caroline likes to give these cards to her professors on the first day of class. They make her feel more comfortable, because there's no awkward wondering from either party as to what they know about her disability. She feels more independent, knowing that she does not need to explain her disability.

Sajen decided he should have business cards of his own, as well. He usually carries brochures about Canine Companions for Independence in his vest pocket, but often, especially with children, it is more fun to have his name and photo, with the web site. He feels it is more like a baseball card, worthy of collecting.

Please let us know what you would like on your card, and we will offer you some suggestions.